Most people count calories.  We, on the other hand, count plastic.

Why?  Close your eyes and try to imagine a world without plastic.  This stuff is everywhere!  Sometimes, it is super useful, like a refridgerator.  Sometimes, it is super wasteful, like the 2 millions plastic bottles American’s use every 5 minutes.

We already live what you would call a “green” lifestyle, but we are still appalled by the amount of single use disposable plastic around us.  Join us as we examine our relationship to plastic by collecting every piece of plastic waste we produce for 365 days.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. Thanks for adding MyPlasticFreeLife.com to your blog roll. I discovered your site via my ongoing Google alert for “plasticfree”. I’d like to add it to my own blog roll, but I have it categorized by geographical location so people can find other plastic-free bloggers near them. If you’ll shoot me an email at beth [at] myplasticfreelife [dot] com and let me know what country and state/province you’re in, I’ll be happy to add you!


  2. And pushing your project here – you are now liked and up here on the Planet trash list of hero’s – the biggest list of ant-plastic campaigners up on Facebook. Please feel free to join us in the pool of filth, visit our global gallery of plastic pollution, see dirty pictures, marvel at our list of links and fantastic ways to cut plastic rubbish – now including yours of course xxxx https://www.facebook.com/planettrash

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