Still Buzzin!

Last week’s coffee post got a whole lot of buzz, and in our home we are buzzing with delight at the overwhelming response to our post!  To follow up I want to post links to 2 videos just released by Equal Exchange about helping establish a coffee co-operative in Peru.  These co-ops unite farmers and give them the ability to export their product without going through deal brokers and commercial managers.  This company deals directly with farmers, empowering them and supporting sustainable, organic practices.  Cheap coffee has hidden costs, Equal Exchange coffee is worth every penny.  The video is well done, so press yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy!

Equal Exchange Peru Video Part One

Equal Exchange Peru Video Part Two

I also want to share my choice in travel mug.



The Cuppow turns a canning jar into a travel mug!  Check out their awesome video here!

What is great about this?

1. It is easy to clean.

2. The glass jar is heat resistant and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals that can leach into your beverage like plastic does.

3. It’s cheap! The Cuppow costs $7.99.  Jars are less than $20 for a dozen, and are super useful in the kitchen even if you are not pickling! We use them to store everything from leftovers to produce, and now we use them as travel mugs!

4. It seals tight and doesn’t leak.

5. The Cuppow lid is phalate and BPA free.


It comes in different sizes and styles, including a sippy top for hot beverages and a straw top for cold beverages.

The glass jar does heat up, but we found that a beer koozie fit quite snuggly, you can search and buy them online (like these ones I found on Etsy) or, if you are crafty like me, you can knit yourself one!



and I leave you with the picture that made my day :O) Raccoons and foxes make my heart melt.

I am a puddle.


3 thoughts on “Still Buzzin!

  1. Aww, I want one of those cup lids and jars! I wonder if they have them in Oz? I must find out…
    I get so excited to read your posts…they amp me up to do the same here! I think about everything I buy that has plastic involved…once I get my loan in, I’m going to start making a lot more stuff instead of buying it store-bought!

    • The Cuppows are made locally in Somerville (making them even COOLER!), I doubt they have made it to Oz yet. And I’m so stoked that you’re joining in on this movement! Miss you lots :O)

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